Alyssia Valentin

Alyssia is an Executive Assistant, Corporate Sales Rep and Certified Group Leader for DrivenWoman. She has a growth mindset and a determination to reach her goals, so immediately recognized the value of DrivenWoman in her professional and personal life. Her journey with DrivenWoman began as an Executive Assistant at Marketing Headquarters, and has evolved into a dual role supporting Corporate Sales. She is excited and honored to be the DrivenWoman ambassador in the United States. In her free time she swims in the ocean as much as possible, enjoys an occasional surf, and her next endeavor is deep sea fishing.

Lifeworking workshops

If you are new to DrivenWoman come first to a Lifeworking workshop where you get to design a plan for your 'bigger life' and experience the magic of sharing stories with other like-minded women. This workshop gives you little taster on how our member groups work. Just come along. That’s what DrivenWoman is all about. Encouraging everyone to make things happen!

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